Thursday, 31 December 2015

Welcoming 2016 at Longitude 0 Degrees!

It was a year full of surprises, uncertainty, anticipation, and not exactly by design - adventure! In 2015 I let the universe lead me. I started the year by quitting chemo, but by the summer I was thrust into a seemingly promising clinical trial, but, two CT scans later showed that our efforts have been naught. The cancer progressed and I had to quit. 
I have changed my circles this year too, it was a necessary step to reduce the toxicity in my life. I realised I wasn’t stuck and I had choices and I can implement them. It is liberating.
I believe things happen for a reason and we just need to let it be, give it the time and place to transpire. Listen and harness the power of coincidence and circumstance. The events of the year brought us to a felicitous location so perfect to welcome 2016 and immerse in all the sacred energies this important part of the world is believed to give out. 
We are starting the year at Longitude 0.00° - Greenwich England. Each year, thousands flock to the Royal Observatory to have their selfies taken on either side of the prime meridian line. The prime meridian of the world runs from the North pole to the South and divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the world. Its original location was agreed at a meeting in Washington D.C . in 1884 using a telescope. Once agreed, it became the official position of zero degrees longitude.
The Greenwich Meridian separates east from west in the same way that the Equator separates north from south. Inextricably linked with Greenwich Mean Time, it also sits at the centre of our system of time zones, and is the basis for maps around the globe. Its path is determined by the location of an historic telescope, the Airy Transit Circle, which is housed at the Royal Observatory here in Greenwich. Its position is marked in hundreds of other places too. On its path from pole to pole, the Meridian passes through England, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Antarctica. The time at 0° is called Universal Time (UT) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). With the Greenwich meridian as the starting point, each 15° east and west marks a new time zone. The 24 time zones extend east and west around the globe for 180° to the International Date Line. When it is noon along the prime meridian, it is midnight along the International Date Line. In an article published just a few days ago by Mail Online states though that improvements in GPS tech show that the exact location of 0 degrees Longitude is out by 100m putting it in a line that cuts through Greenwich Park, by a bin. The observatory is expected to now place an official marker to highlight the location of the adjusted line.
Geomancy, the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously. Although dismissed by skeptics and the scientific community as being superstition, new research proves that there is more to this practice that is in revival, along with this new found consciousness that abounds in this day and age. People are starting to realise the connection between the earth, its innate energies,  its inhabitants, and how this harmony may be achieved.
Look along the Greenwich Meridian on a map, and you will find a whole raft of places that seem to mark or make use of their location on the line. Some are more recent celebrations of the co-location, but many date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Greenwich Meridian was seen by those of previous ages as an ancient Axis Mundi or World Axis, a symbolic connection between heaven and earth. The rediscovery of the science of Geomancy has allowed us to perceive the land with holistic and spiritual understanding. We now know that the ley-lines and earth energies create surface patterns that are influenced by the Sun and the Moon.
Greenwich Meridian Line
Stone temples and earth works stand as silent testimony to this ancient fact, as we have seen. To add another dimension entirely, a hypothetical east-west meridian drawn at right angles to the Greenwich Mean, would cut straight through the Round Tower on its mound at Windsor Castle, Cardiff Castle, Syon House and the ancient church of Ogbourne St George in Wiltshire, where this lateral line meets the St Michael ley, discovered by Paul and Hamish Miller back in the 1980’s. The Greenwich Meridian also cuts the St Michael ley at its critical Royston node, producing a right-angled triangle between the three points. There is a great amount of evidence that Greenwich was the centre of a cosmological scheme that extended right across southern Britain. The Roman temple ruins in Greenwich suggest that the Axis was set out in the distant past by a priesthood skilled in stellar observations and land surveying. There are no less than 60 historic sites connected to this meridian, including 24 ancient churches, 12 abbeys and priories, 10 manor houses, 7 royal palaces, bishop’s palaces and castles, and 9 Romano British camps and archaeological sites.
If you want to delve deeper I suggest you read the book Axis of Heaven by Paul Broadhurst.
The Observatory
I know some of you might think it’s a load of nonsense. We’ve been here a week now, when we first came, I wasn’t even aware of the meridian’s significance, I just wanted to see it like the other tourists. My energy levels were really low the first days here, but I notice it quickly improve whilst exploring the borough. When I saw the uphill climb to the Observatory I said to myself there is no way I can get up there without a wheelchair and there is no way I can explore this massive park on foot. Yesterday, Kirby and I ventured out, reached the top of the hill and made it to the Observatory, with energy left to boot. Then someone told me about this energy that ostensibly swaddle Greenwich. The concept of the Earth having energy currents is an ancient one. Feng Shui harmonises invisible currents called “lung mei” and “dragon paths”. Magnetic flows in the Earth’s surface, male and female, negative and positive, a luck bringing site occurs when these lines intersect. Like the concept of Chi - the energy in all living things, geodetic currents works on a planetary scale, representing the flow of energy between power spots. Imagined or not, I can certainly feel this so called force, this energy and I’m not going to waste it. I’m taking full advantage of the exceptionally warm winter the UK is having and what better place to be. It feels like I was led here at this time to soak up all this good vibes. Looking forward to a year of healing and blessings.

Happy New Year from 0° Longitude

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