Wednesday, 14 December 2016

''Tis the Season" : Holiday Gift Giving Ideas for Cancer Warriors

It is the time of year for gift giving. For individuals and families dealing with cancer, it can also be a difficult time, less festive especially for one just recently diagnosed. This is my fourth Christmas living with Lung Cancer, markedly different from the past three as I'm weaker and at a critical point in my battle. It is also special this year as I'm spending it with my family back here in Canada. 
Picking a present for a cancer patient can be daunting for some but just put a little more effort and thoughtfulness into it and you will have made their life more comfortable. Any gift of course will be appreciated, the thought counts, but it would be nice to put in an extra caring touch to your gift choices for them. I recently had a birthday and my dear friends drove all the way from Seattle to come see me, snow and all, and brought me this wondrous, warm, and super comfortable blanket, it feels like a big hug, I love it so much. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of it, thank you Larry and Carme, love you!
Think Comfort and you're on the right track. In my search for supplements, gadgets, apps, things to make myself cope with pain and living with my cancer, I'm listing my favourites. There are websites dedicated to gift giving for cancer, I'll  share them here too. Practical gifts that brighten their day, ease
pain, make their space conducive for healing.
1. Cancer books. This covers a wide range, there are cancer books for managing the disease, alternative treatment options, diet, mindfulness and meditation, etc. You definitely won't run out of choices. If they are too weak to read, come over and read for them, it will be a nice bonding moment.
2. We stay home most of the time. Think cosy slippers and pyjamas, soft warm blankets, a really nice pillow.
3. The iBeanie, I got this for myself. When you've got cancer, holding up your tablet whilst in bed can get tiring. The iBeanie does that for you, holds your tablet on a bean bag.The iBeani® iPad stand

& tablet stand is the best stand for iPhones, iPads, Kindles, or any other tablet computers.
4. Essential oils. To soothe and heal. Make sure you get organic, good quality essential oils. They are concentrated so if it is not organic and clean, you get all the toxins in concentrated form as well. Doterra is one good brand. I personally like the set from Epigenetic labs, you can apply it topically or ingest it, it's that pure, goes on my wish list. A diffuser to go with it will also be very useful.
5. Natural supplements or special dietary food, if they are on it. Take advantage of the deep discounts or holiday and gift bundles on offer at this time of year. Even a month's break from these mostly expensive life support will be surely appreciated.
6. Safe and organic bath products, magnesium flakes, a natural scrubber, again think what would make them comfortable.
7. Book them a massage if they can handle it. What about meditation classes or yoga for cancer. A retreat if they are able to, I  would love that.
8. If they are on chemotherapy or radiation and face hair loss, there are lots of bandanas and head pieces specifically for cancer, find those made with natural fabrics and soft.
9. A basket of healthy fruits and vegetables. You can make this yourself or order it.
10. If you're feeling generous I would recommend "gadgets" like a masticating or cold press juicer, a
vitamix blender, the bio-mat, a rebounder, or a lymphasizer.
11. Prayer cards, greeting cards, a sincere email, let them know they're thought of.

Thoughtfulness is appreciated when you carefully pick your present and spread good cheer to a family member or friend going through Cancer. Your token box of chocolate or generic holiday gifts just may be an insensitive thing to do. It would still be appreciated but wouldn't it be nice to know that you've made them more comfortable with a thoughtful gift.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it like I do. 
A Peaceful and ProsperousYear Ahead!

Here's an excellent website for Cancer Care shopping!
https://livebetterwith.comlive better with cancer

* I'm writing this from my hospital bed, I don't have access to my photos so this post lacks the glitter of the season 😊