Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How Much Is Too Much

Caroline Reyes-Loughrey Photography
Information Overload! My brain's about to explode! Of course, I've been wracking my brains extracting whatever information I can find to help me overcome this Cancer. Books, the Internet, cancer groups, blogs, anything that could provide answers and relief, I go to. 
There are days when it gets too much and I just have to stop, it comes to a point where I just stare blankly at my computer because I can't think anymore, I get paralyzed by the very information I seek. Pages and pages of material that needs to be validated, researched more, learned, and applied. It's endless! As vast as the Internet allows, infinity! And I can't stop, almost wishing I'd come across a personal message for me " OK Caroline, this is what you do, here's where you go......". Unfortunately, it's not like that. 
Then, you get people telling you this and that like you're the only one who doesn't get it. I've been on the outside looking into someone's cancer journey, but now that I'm in it I fully grasp how misunderstood that world is, and how judgemental people can be even with the treatment path you choose. One protocol could have opposing views, with everyone claiming theirs is the path. Information is good, discussion is welcomed, but sometimes it's too much. The overload makes it confusing to know which direction to go. When this happens I do take breaks, although I'm careful with this too, it's easy to get distracted as well, before you know it you've spent and probably wasted time from your mandatory distraction. Unfortunately, you do have to keep at it to stay focused, time is even more precious. 
You are extremely lucky if you have a team to help with your research, I'm mostly a one man band. Cancer is an urgent matter, time is key. You almost have to speed read and absorb everything in beyond human record time, at least I try to. I'm at a critical point in my journey, either I make it or I don't . The urgency that it presents adds pressure, and Cancer is very very expensive when you pick the alternative route. There is hardly no room for mistakes because that will cost you. Personally, I have had my share of bad decisions and even scams, I've just been lucky to survive it. My collection of supplements would rival Holland and Barrett :) a lot of them either didn't benefit me or I've switched to something better, an expensive trial and error scenario. 
Treating cancer is a full time job, if you don't discipline yourself, you won't have time to take all your supplements and nutrition for the day. My foggy brain becomes a challenge too, so I've written a schedule, a challenging strict regimen I'm still trying to perfect. I've said before that Cancer is highly individual specific, you can't do a cookie cutter approach, what works for others might not work for you. There are tools out there to give you direction, special diagnostics to help you learn more about your Cancer, and your own healing path. 
Through the past three years, I have learned to be receptive and allow myself to be led. The books I buy, the supplements and therapies I've picked comes from deep research and praying for guidance, sometimes I would stare blankly at my computer, then an article would catch my attention, this is mostly how I find inspiration, my therapies, my supplements, my information! I ask to be guided. It's hard to say feel it in your heart because you want this healing so bad, you want to believe you're right and the search is finally over. 
Whatever it is you eventually choose, make sure you picked it because you truly feel it is your path and not forced on you. No one can know for certain if you've chosen what would work for you, it is extremely complicated and overwhelming but you can't give up, not if you want to live ! 
Caroline Reyes-Loughrey Photography