Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Wig Man

You have got to find ways to humour yourself and have fun, even with Cancer. Although I didn't really lose my hair and can get away without a wig, my hair has thinned out and somehow getting new growth as well, it's starting to look weird. I did plan on having it shaved to thicken it a little bit, get the small wispy hair to catch up, so what better time to do it. I asked the nurses for advice and it turns out I am actually eligible for a free wig, another cancer perk! They organised my meeting with Peter - the Wig Man.
I arranged to meet Peter at the hospital. My daughter tagged along as my "consultant." I had picked two hairstyles previous, one long and one medium length. Mr. Wig Man is a very well mannered, really gentle man. He talks to you like you're a kid, but it's sweet. He brought the long length wig with him in a dark brown colour. He fitted the wig on me and then gave me tips and instructions on how to care for them. I never really had thick hair so it was shocking to see myself with all that hair, hilarious! It felt strange like there's a weird looking object on my head. My daughter liked it, Peter said it suits me, but I just can't put my face and the wig together, like looking at someone else in the mirror. 

I gave it a test run and wore it at dinner in a restaurant. I haven't shaved my hair yet, I wanted to get comfortable with the wig before I commit to losing it all.  At dinner, it felt like everyone was looking at my hair, I know that's just paranoia on my side but it feels like that, plus I was trying to make it lodge into my head better so I kept touching it. It was a windy night, on the walk back the wind moved it out of place, so I just took it off. The vision of us chasing a wig is terrifying and hilarious at the same time, best to avoid it. I'm tiny and it may be that the wig is just too big for my small head or it slips because I still have hair. The wig conundrum will be solved!